About Us

Our Mission & Values

Autonome is an ethical app conceived from a collective realization and common understanding for the need to bring attention to the social networking phenomenon in a completely new way. Our acknowledgment of the positive impact and global social change that seemingly simple technologies can effect on the world cannot be understated. That is why Autonome is created to serve our noble natures and make the world better, safer, and freer.

As a company and as individuals, we are extremely egalitarian and humanists. That’s why we believe we need to take full responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet.We champion sustainability and work to end global problems such as deforestation. We support initiatives that support sustainable clean energy use and the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger.

By approaching technology in a humanistic way, we have merged the need for greater global connectivity and interaction with the common human desire to make the world a place where all species and life forms can thrive.

Autonome is built around shared purpose concerning common global efforts to collaborate and reshape how many human beings maintain ethically significant social bond or role: friend-to-friend, parent-to-child, worker-to-employer, teacher-to-student, neighbor-to-neighbor, seller-to-buyer, and businesses to community leaders. A self-governing platform that is fully autonomous, decentralized and with no single leader.

The complex web of interactions between social networking service users and their online and offline communities, social network developers, corporations, governments and other institutions along with the diverse and sometimes conflicting motives and interests of these various stakeholders will continue to be a growing concern. Furthermore, this is complicated by the humanitarian crisis we are facing today.

Political corruption, poverty, lack of education, wars, refugee crises, and global warming are some of the challenges that the Autonome platform aims to tackle by working closely with all charity organizations that use the app.

What we believe in is very simple

  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 1. to Article 30.)
  • All people have the right to a decent life. No one should die from lack of food, water or other basic needs, or diseases that they could get medical access to.
  • We believe in the right to adequate living standards.
  • A roof above our heads and food on the table is a human right everyone should have access to.
  • Higher education should not be a privilege but it has to be universal.
  • Governments and large companies need to take responsibility for the environment.
  • Rights to equality before the law and freedom from discrimination, slavery, torture, and other forms of degrading treatment.
  • Rights to asylum in other countries from persecution, freedom of opinion and information, and freedom of belief and religion.
  • Animal rights.

Think different

Our main goal with this platform is to bring together private individuals, companies and charity organizations in such a way that everyone can benefit. Yes, we do believe we can establish balanced and mutually beneficial social interactions.

We are committed to fighting the way in which online social networks may subvert or displace organic social realities by allowing people to offer one another stylized versions of themselves, contributing to decadence. Autonome takes a different approach. Who could believe that a simple selfie you are taking could change someone else's life? Every action you perform on our application is significant as it contributes to getting a content rich environment that ultimately helps changing the world.

Considering that we as a company and as individuals have so little confidence in governments around the world, our main goal is focusing on making a platform for charity organizations. A platform where they can get resources and influence to ignite social movements that governments will be obliged to recognize.

How Autonome Came About

The creation of our entire Autonome platform is attributable to the numerous efforts of our multi-cultural team. With members located throughout the globe - the idea’s original conception came from Sweden and project consulting from Romania. The programming team is based in India and Indonesia while the marketing strategy is led by a team from Costa Rica and Sweden. The category list was made in Australia and the content was created in the USA. Our team believes that global collaboration and diversity is the key to success.

Why Autonome?

If you’re a fan of other social media applications then you’ll love Autonome. The platform has all the favorite features you like but with amazing extra functionality to give you a more integrated social experience that brings out the best in you. Autonome gives you access to three different types of users and extraordinary functions.

User Benefits

Private Users
  • Private users have an option to Like just as you would in other social media app but you can also choose to Dislike. You can send a message your followers simultaneously and even directly send a message or call companies or charities you are following.
  • As Private users you can call or send messages to everyone you are following and you can also directly send messages or make calls to companies/charities you are following making communication between costumers and companies or charities much easier.
  • Users also get discounts from companies and entities.
  • As charity you can organize your supporters by DFD or collect signatures by using NFC so that you can take your requests and present them to higher authorities and impact government decisions around the world. Your supporters can donate money to your charity directly instead of funding corrupt institutions so that you don’t have capital concerns or rely on help from governments to carry out positive change in your community.
  • Users also get discounts from companies and entities.
  • Businesses can advertise their products on Autonome using our advanced system and target the right audiences while maintaining direct contact with their supporters who you can send massages to or call. This allows companies to get better feedback on their product or service and can create multiple accounts for each individual company account so that your entire team can collaborate on the same account.

What Sets Autonome Apart?

  • Our goal is to improve the condition of the planet.
  • You, the Users, are in power. With your help and impact charity organizations and community leaders can address crises more effectively.
  • You will get privileges and compensation with your membership.
  • You have a closer connection with your family and friends, but also with your favorite companies and brands.
  • You can make the world a better place.

Contact us: info@theautonome.com